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Sistems for Industry, Transports and Territory
Communication Systems
Building Blocks Concept
Architectures Examples

Systems Applications

Integrated audio & video systems for emergencies control

Emergency and public address systems

Public address and general alarm systems (PAGA)

Industrial intercom and public address systems

Industrial communication and paging systems

High voltage interfaces

System Components
Special Purpose Products

Emergency call devices

Telecommunication gateways

Special purpose loudspeakers
Weatherproof, Explosion-proof and Vandal-proof Devices

Weatherproof and explosion-proof phones - analog & VoIP

Handsfree full-duplex weatherproof and vandal-proof phones - analog & VoIP

Handsfree full-duplex decontaminable phones - analog & VoIP

CB (central battery) and LB (local battery) phones

Portable and fixed sound-powered phones for emergency communications

Signalling devices
Emergency Devices

Pillars for audio/video/SOS communications

Acoustic booths and accessories

Emergency call devices for elevators

Fitre Sistemi Contact Center
phone: +39.02.8959.0318 • fax: +39.02.8959.0440

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Special Purpose
Systems & Products

Special Purpose Telecommunication Systems
Fitre Communication Systems
Building Blocks System Concept
System Architectures Examples
Systems Applications
System Components

Special Purpose Telecommunication Products
Special purpose intercom and telephone sets
Signalling devices
Special purpose loudspeakers
High voltage interfaces
Telephone pillars and booths
Emergency call devices
Telecommunication gateways


EVAC • EN54-16
Emergency Voice Alarm Communication & Public Address Systems
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(PDF Document) - website of the Communications & Automation Systems by DSI Division of FITRE S.p.A. Italy - telephony telecommunications industrial automation emergency - Integrated audio-video control systems for emergencies - PAVA PAGA EN54-16 systems - Emergency calls and public address systems - Public address and alarm systems (PAGA) - Industrial systems for intercom and public address - Industrial paging systems - Industrial communication - Protection devices with galvanic separation - Insulated transformers - Industrial Intercom terminals with autoreply - Loudspeakers and accessories - Weatherproof and explosion-proof ATEX phones - analog and VoIP - Handsfree weatherproof and vandalproof phones - analog and VoIP - Washable cleanroom phones - analog and VoIP - BC (central battery) and BL (local battery) phones - Sound-powered phones for emergency communications - Industrial acoustic and luminous signalling devices - Pillars for audio video & SOS communications - Acoustic booths, supports and accessories - Alarm call devices for elevators - Systems for data transmission - Lasers for objects positioning and cranes positioning - Devices for coke oven machines positioning - Industrial drives and pedals - Rail systems for obstacle and pedestrians moving detection - Alarm complexes for electric stations - Components for industrial computers - Fixed and portable equipments for gas detection © 1997-2024 all rights reserved -

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