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Made in Fitre

Made in Fitre

The manufacture of Italian industry is appreciated all over the world for the quality of products. Quality that comes from a tradition of accuracy applied in all manufacturing processes, from design to production. Quality that, with various degrees of success, the whole world tries to emulate.

Fitre, our company, starting from its roots, has been and is one of the main interpreter of this all-Italian tradition; firstly because of almost 80 years of continuous activity, but mostly because of the real and positive feedback tributed for the products and systems sold and installed worldwide and therefore being bearer of the typical values of "made in Italy".

The vast majority of Fitre branded products are designed in our R&D laboratories and manufactured in our Milan plant, also benefiting from a valuable and qualified network of supplier companies throughout Italy. The remaining and minority part of our products, whose engineering is directly carried out by Fitre technicians, is instead produced through consolidated relationships with important European and extra-European partners, who share with Fitre the same quality values.

We don't lie. This is the reality of today's production world, where globalization also means the search for the most valuable and effective solution for market demands, and this is the reality of Fitre, which has always been a leading actor in a constantly evolving sector.

It is therefore with absolute transparency and honesty that we don't flaunt our "made in Italy" but we prefer to talk about "made in Fitre", focusing on our ability to generate solutions and on the quality of our products, confirmed by an history of innovation and success every day awarded by thousands of customers all over the world.

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