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May 28, 2024 • 03:32

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Quality Policy

The General Management of FITRE annually reviews the Quality Policy to ascertain its adequacy for the purposes of the organization, so that it provides a reference framework for defining the quality objectives, which is illustrated and understood by all the collaborators of the organization.

Quality Policy
(Cap. 5. Par. 4.3 from "Quality Manual Fitre S.p.A." - rev. 15 - 20th February 2020)

FITRE S.p.A. as part of its mission – to qualify itself among the best manufacturers in the telecommunications, automation and component sectors – has detected, in its long experience, that the success factors are:
• be moderately innovative in products and processes
• seek the collaboration of customers for innovation
• promote the independence and growth of people

So it is necessary:
• to consider the satisfaction of our customers a priority
• to maintain active a continuous improvement process

To achieve the aforementioned objectives, FITRE S.p.A. has organized its structure into processes by formally defining, for each one of them, the responsibility and the necessary resources, and for those considered critical, specific indicators that make it possible to verify the achievement of these objectives.

Setting by processes has the purpose:
to improve systematically the quality of our services, understood as technical assistance and repair times (Technical Assistance Process), preparation times (Design, Procurement and Production Planning Processes) and delivery times of our materials (Warehouses Process).
to lead the company trade strategy to a planned development of new market niches, offering a range of suitable products, following the needs and requirements of each sector (Trading Process), giving a real added value through continuous technological innovation (Design Process), reaching the highest quality standards (Quality Control Process).
to assure the compliance of our products with the requirements established by the European directives, therefore of a binding / mandatory legislation nature applicable (RTTE, LVD, EMC, ATEX, RoHS, WEEE and others).
to undertake all the necessary actions to survey, among active and potential customers, the expected and perceived quality (Trading Process, Customer Complaints Management and Returns Management).
to keep our Quality System active and updated.
to encourage the involvement and participation of all employees in achieving the Company's quality objectives, making available all the resources necessary for this purpose.

Business and process objectives deemed critical are regularly checked and deviations must be promptly fixed by the process manager.

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