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July 14, 2024 • 07:08

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Code of Ethics

FITRE S.p.A. is associated with Confindustria and fully shares its Code of Ethics, here summarized.

General Introduction

Faced with the ever broader claim in society of the values of free enterprise and the recognized social function of the free market and of private property, the confederal system places itself with a sense of responsibility and with moral integrity the objective of continuing to contribute to the development process of the Italian economy and the civil growth of the country. In this context, Confindustria considers the substantial element of the whole system as a duty to:
• preserve and enhance the reputation of the business class as an autonomous, responsible and ethically correct social force;
• concretely contribute, first of all through its own behavior, to the improvement of the country system.

Confindustria undertakes and through them are committed all its components:
• Associations;
• associated entrepreneurs;
• entrepreneurs who hold associative positions;
• entrepreneurs who represent the system in external bodies;
to implement with transparency and to respect behavior models inspired by autonomy, by integrity, by ethics and to develop coherent actions.

The whole System, from the single associated entrepreneur to the highest confederal summits, must be shared and involved in pursuing the targets and respecting the relative modalities, as every single behavior that is not ethically correct not only causes negative consequences in the associative environment, but damages the image of the whole category and of the System, in the public opinion, at the legislator and the Public Administration.
The ethicity of behaviors cannot be assessed only in terms of strict compliance with the law and the statute. It is founded on the convinced adhesion to relate, in different situations, to the highest standards of behavior.
The process by which these objectives can be achieved is necessarily bidirectional. The representative system provides guidelines, tools and concrete supports that make possible the required high standards of behavior and the Associations undertake to incorporate them into their statutes and to adopt consequent behaviors.


As part of the Confederal System, entrepreneurs are committed to taking account, in all their professional and association behavior, of the relapses on the whole entrepreneurship and the Confederal System. They therefore undertake:

a. as entrepreneurs
• to fully apply labor laws and contracts;
• to behave with justice towards its collaborators, encouraging their professional growth and safeguarding safety at work;
• to take a fair and correct attitude towards customers, suppliers and competitors;
• to sustain relations inspired by fairness and integrity with the public administration and political parties;
• to consider a constant commitment the safeguard of the environment and the prevention of all forms of pollution;

b. as members
• to engage in the associative life;
• to contribute to the associative choices with full integrity and autonomy from internal and external pressures, having as priority the interest of the whole category and of the Association;
• to establish and maintain a full associative relationship and to exclude the possibility of associative relationships with contender or conflictive organizations; to preventively communicate to the Associations of the System its other different adhesions;
• to comply with the directives that the Association must provide about the various matters and to preventively express their personal opinions in the proper internal debates;
• to promptly inform the Association about any situation likely to change its relationship with other entrepreneurs and / or with the Association, asking for the necessary and appropriate support.

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