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May 28, 2024 • 03:15

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The New 'Special Systems' Catalogue

FITRE is one of the world leading companies active in the industrial communications market, with particular reference to PA/GA and Intercom systems.

It’s therefore interesting that it's now available the new edition of FITRE’s “Special Purpose Telecommunication Systems” Catalogue.

Through this new catalogue, you may take a look to what FITRE can offer in this specific sector, appreciating the design method with the support of specific application examples.

Special Purpose Telecommunication Systems Catalogue
Read or download the new catalogue:

Backed by a successful past and by a present of perspectives, FITRE is involved in the production of communication and safety systems for application in harsh environments, developing its technologies in compliance with increasingly demanding and stringent required standards, with constant attention to the development of the most appropriate solution and full accordance with the needs stated in the tender specifications, supporting the partner Companies in all phases of project development.

In the last fortyfive years, over 700 systems by FITRE have been installed worldwide, in over forty countries, with some of the systems installed dozens of years ago but still fully functional and operational.

Such efficiency is the result of an obsessive attention to the quality of the components, fully designed and manufactured in Italy, and by their perfect integration, made possible through the designing care from the hardware and software laboratories operating in the Milan headquarter.

If you are interested in exploring with us the possibilities of a collaboration or to examine and evaluate together a specific project, or even just for information, do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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FITRE has an enviable experience in the production of special communication equipments, as a result of 80 years presence in this sector, developing its products entirely in its own R&D laboratories, supporting the most innovative technologies and meeting the most stringent standards.

To explore the different solutions, the wide range of products and to verify their conformity to your requirements, we invite you to visit our website www.fitresistemi.com

Special Purpose Telecommunication Products


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