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July 14, 2024 • 06:45

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Emergency and public address systems

Fitre is able to supply systems for emergency and public address, also by integration and expansion of existing systems, using its platform ASTRO System Manager.
The main peculiarity of this platform is the perfect integration with any existing resource and the ability to apply standard hardware and software units for the construction of configurations on demand.
Here you can see some examples. But your system shall be custom built, exactly as you need it.


Emergency and public address system for Railway Tunnels. Architecture based on ASTRO System Manager, IP-DAD units, digital VoIP “RFI Gallery" emergency apparatus.

Petrochemical & Gas

Petrochemical & Gas
Public address system on single area or group of zones and general call activated by telephone sets. Architecture based on ASTRO System Manager with PABX and IP-DAD.

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As evident from the presentation of the application cases shown, the architectures granted by ASTRO System Manager are very many.

In case you wish to submit your problems to be solved or particular specifications to be met, please contact the DSI Division Contact Center.

Our technical/sale officers will be able to examine them with particular expertise and to indicate the best solutions to solve your needs.

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