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July 14, 2024 • 06:02

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ASTRO System Manager

ASTRO System Manager by Fitre: the system platform able to adequately match the specificity and uniqueness of each request, either in terms of performance or in terms of costs and benefits, integrating standard components with intrinsic efficiency and performance characteristics.

In this way, also to guarantee the long-term continuity of the systems, Fitre has developed the concept of a modular platform to be composed with standard functional units, both hardware and software, based on their constant technological updating.

So, the main features and advantages of ASTRO System Manager, common for all the systems designed on it, can be summarized as follows below.

• Very competitive and cost effective system solution, using a fully digital Client/Server architecture based on the latest VoIP technology with standard SIP and multicast FastPA streaming protocols.

• Very high audio quality with 16 kHz bandwidth.

• Several possible configurations: stand-alone, distributed intelligence through Ethernet connection, fully duplicated systems with LAN connection.

• Modular, scalable and high reliable system based on distributed master/slave and master/master architecture with hierarchic managing.

• Ring network management software integrated in ASTRO System Manager.

• System diagnostics of all critical components, with relevant reporting through standard SNMP and web service protocols.

• ASTRO/Client with GUI for programming/configuration and diagnostics/maintenance, with relevant software to be installed either on a dedicated external PC with web browser or fully integrated in ASTRO System Manager or to be accessed by any customer's PC via VNC (Virtual Network Computing).

• Automatic e-mail and/or SMS notification in the event of failure.

• Single point of failure managing.

• Very high flexibility in terms of audio configuration and operation through a fully configurable voice matrix.

• Configurable priority levels handling.

• Integration with 'third party' systems (Fire & GAS, CCTV, Access Control, SCADA, DCS, NMS, PLC, etc.) through SNMP, web server and I/O contacts.

• Alarm events handling capability in order to broadcast alarm tones/messages linked to the active alarm contact(s).

• Alarms/tones/messages stored in the digital memory of ASTRO System Manager.

• Audio recording of all conversations (with time, date and duration) stored in the digital memory of ASTRO System Manager.

• Historical data base for system events logging (with time, date and duration).

• Digital acoustic feedback eliminator.

ASTRO System Manager hardware in redundant configuration “1+1”.

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