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Fitre Communication Systems

There are many different kinds of communications in every sector linked to the methods used by the personnel, as well as to more specific safety requirements.

The elements used in these environments are mainly “Terminals, “Speakers” and “Control Units”. The system is made out of a group of elements managing the methods each company uses, in order to guarantee its own personnel the possibility to work in safety and with maximum efficiency.

Another element which is necessary for the creation of a “good system” is the careful evaluation of the operating methods of each sector, as well as the particular working conditions and/or system conditions within each single company.

Fitre acts as a partner for each of its clients, offering its experience and skills for analysis and resolution of every single problem.

Fitre can count on a wide range of solutions which have been developed over the years and the bulk of its know-how in this sector.

The range of solutions offered by Fitre includes the following types of systems:
• Telephone systems with analog and digital VoIP office devices, waterproof and explosion-proof, complete with telephone accessories including, for example, acoustic/optic ringer relays, telephone hoods, etc.
• Communication systems based on sound-powered technology, without the need for any type of power supply; the system can be interfaced with a LAN network.
• Systems for management of SOS emergency calls with specially designed waterproof industrial handsfree phones in compliance with the safety standards governing applications for highways, railroads, public open areas, etc.
• Supervision systems for emergency devices, in order to determine if the device is defective and record events and conversations; with the possibility of integrating them with a video.
• P.A. Systems (Public Address System) with anti-Larsen device and alarms management for automatic diffusion of alarm tones/messages in a single area, a group of areas or in all loudspeaker areas.
• Automatic public announcement diffusion systems with TTS (Text-To-Speech) for railroads, subways, large department stores, etc.
• Omnibus “ring” intercom systems based on a single communication bus.
• All-to-all intercom systems, which allow all users to freely select any other number through the intercom control unit.
• Selective intercom systems with direct calling, allowing to call only certain users.
• Protection systems for telephone and data lines against transients and/or connection problems “outside of the ground network”.

All of the emergency system components (control unit, devices, etc.) were developed entirely in Fitre R&D Laboratories, which boast total know-how of mechanical, electronic and software development design.

Thanks to the adoption of an open, modular type architecture based on international telephone standards, Fitre is able to integrate communication functions with other systems (for example TVCC) and to develop communication protocols with external supervisory and diagnostic systems.

All of the communication systems are based on telephone standards with analog and digital (VoIP) technologies, thus giving the possibility of creating mixed architectures (analog and VoIP).

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