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June 22, 2024 • 02:04

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Special purpose intercom and telephone sets

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 Product categories
Indoor, weatherproof and explosion-proof stations for intercom & PAGA systems
Advanced weatherproof and explosion-proof VoIP telephone or intercom stations, ATEX certified for Zone 1, with handset or hands-free, specially designed for intercom and PAGA systems
Indoor, weatherproof and explosion-proof phones (analog & VoIP)
Telephone, intercom, and emergency analog sets (VOX series) and digital sets (VoIP series). Indoor or weatherproof and explosion-proof with steel or die cast aluminium alloy case.
Vandal-proof, weatherproof and explosion-proof handsfree full-duplex phones (analog & VoIP)
Telephone, intercom and emergency handsfree sets, analog or digital VoIP. Weatherproof and vandal proof, steel or die cast aluminium alloy case.
Handsfree full-duplex decontaminable phones (analog & VoIP)
Analog & VoIP phones without holes for installation in clean-rooms, flush mounting with low tickness, weatherproof and fully washable front surface.
CB (central battery) and LB (local battery) phones
CB (central battery) and LB (local battery) phones, portable or wall/desk, also in weatherproof or explosion-proof version, for camp, building sites and military use.
Sound-powered phones for emergency communications
Sound-powered phones for emergency communications, equipped with hand powered howler, weatherproof performance, portable or wall/desk installation.
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