TAS360VoIP-Ex 20K-6L-IS2 - cod. 110.100.008

July 10, 2020 • 08:53

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TAS360VoIP-Ex 20K-6L-IS2


Based on more than 10 years of strong experience in designing and manufacturing weather-proof VoIP Telephone and Intercom Stations, FITRE is offering a new range of advanced explosion-proof VoIP Telephone and Intercom Stations, ATEX certified for Zone 1, either with handset either hands-free, fully suitable for the Oil & Gas world.

The TAS360 VoIP-Ex 20K-6L-IS2 is a set combining together:
a digital hands-free Telephone Set, based on standard Ethernet networks, using the SIP protocol for direct communication with other SIP terminals or SIP PBXs;
a digital hands free Intercom Station, managed by ASTRO System Manager, a FITRE powerful digital central unit expressly designed for handling Intercom and PAGA functions.

Moreover the TAS360 VoIP-Ex 20K-6L-IS2 is equipped, in addition to the standard telephone features (as call transfer, last number redial, ect.), also by:
2 LED showing the station operational condition
4 memory keys (M1...M4) allowing direct calls to 4 desired stations or telephone numbers
4 LED showing the memory keys operational condition
2 push-buttons (F1 - F2) for programmable additional functions

The TAS360 VoIP-Ex 20K-6L-IS2 owns very important features allowing its use even in the hardest and noisiest environments:
very sturdy light alloy casting copper-free to ensure high protection against corrosive agents also in oil and chemical plants
IP66 protection degree
metal vandal-proof push-button keys
exclusive HW & SW ambient noise digital cancellation, suitable to allow a perfect voice communication between the users of this equipment
opto-coupled ON/OFF output suitable for activating external explosion-proof signalling devices like acoustical ringers and/or visual beacons
integrated analog audio output suitable for driving an external amplified loudspeaker (e.g. FITRE - XP13/24-48V) in order of adding power to the intercom function
operating temperature: -40C to +55C

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